SUBA & UNICO has been founded in 1976, by the iniziative of operators with long experience in seeds. The company has grown quickly, above all in recent years, and has achieved today the Italian position of leader in the production and commercialization of vegetable seeds.
The activity of SUBA & UNICO production is substantially separated in two parts:

- Taking on multiplication contracts, even on a large scale, on behalf of the major seeds companies in the world, with own basic seeds or supplied from the ordering Companies.

- Own production of a very large range of vegetables-seed's varieties, with basic seeds maintained in purity, to the aim of being able to satisfy the requirements of their customers all over the world.

Since 1996 SUBA & UNICO has established itself in a new structure, with wide and rational warehouses still more, renewing and widening most part of the own equipments. Currently our company uses, in the own activity, the most modern machines for the selection and the working of the seeds, beyond dehumidification, pest control and dressing equipments enabling to store the seeds with proper humidity level and to ensure a flawless preservation. In order to satisfy the increasing demand, from part of many costumers, our company has been equipped with seed-packaging system; we are therefore able to satisfy every requirement of "packaging". SUBA & UNICO was one of the first companies, in Italy, to get the "Organic Certification" and is producing, since last years, a large range of Organic vegetable-seeds varieties.

This special production, is managed, accordingly with the strict ECC norms, by a completely separated method from "the traditional production"; the seed crops are cultivated in Organic Farms and subsequently selected, in appropriate warehouses, by appropriate equipments. All the cycle of the biological productions is carried out under the constant control of an Official Organism. Another part of SUBA & UNICO's activity is the production of seeds for "sprouts" purpouse, produced by both traditional and organic farming; particular attention is attacched to these seeds, in order to reach the highest possible germinability.

SUBA & UNICO prerogative is finally the conscientiousness and promptness used in executing commissioned orders from the own costumers. The trust placed in us from numerous Italian and foreign companies is a proof of our efficient organization, the professionalism and seriousness of our work as well as the good quality of our seeds: that has allowed SUBA & UNICO to get the glamorous Quality Certification "UN EN ISO 9002". Being certain that our Costumers wil keep on giving preference to us, we would like to win the confidence of those who don't know us yet and assure that we will always do our best to meet their needs, because the success of our Costumers is our success.